What’s new this season

Despite the restrictions put in place across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IVCI is thrilled to announce a new strategy for our 2020/2021 Laureate Series, which allows our Laureates and guests to still perform for the community, while maintaining the highest safety priority for our audiences, staff and musicians.

We have relocated all performances to the historic and beautifully restored Madam Walker Theatre in downtown Indianapolis. Our live performances in this much larger venue will allow us to safely populate the hall with a socially distanced audience. All patrons and staff will be required to follow the safety protocols set in place by the venue, local and state officials.

Additionally, we have implemented a new virtual component for all six concerts, allowing anyone to enjoy our performances in the comfort of their own home. Virtual ticket holders and subscribers will have access to these live streamed performances via this website.

Live & Virtual Subscriptions

This season, we have subscriptions available for live and virtual performances. Subscribers (adults and seniors) can save 20% off regular admission to all six concerts, and if they purchase prior to December 4, 2020, they can receive even more savings by taking advantage of our Early Bird Specials.

If you are a student with a valid ID, you can take advantage of our Virtual Student Subscription.

Visit our Laureate Series page to see all prices for single tickets and subscriptions.

Live Concerts

Where will the live concerts be held?

All concerts will be held at the Madam Walker Theatre at 617 Indiana Avenue in downtown Indianapolis.

Where do I park?

There are numerous parking lots around the theatre. Parking is free, and you can view our map to learn more about your options.

How are you producing these concerts safely for audiences, staff and musicians?

The IVCI and the Madam Walker Theatre are committed to a clean and safe environment for its patrons. We will require all visitors to follow updated safety recommendations, including face mask usage and proper social distancing while inside the theatre. To limit manual transactions between patrons, ushers and other staff, we are issuing paperless tickets and providing digital program books, available on our website.

Will I receive tickets through the mail?

No, we will not issue paper tickets this season. Instead, we will email each ticketholder a digital QR code, which will be unique to each patron and performance. You can print the code at home and bring with you to the theatre, or show us the code on your mobile device, at which point we will use our scanners to check you in.

What is a QR code and when will I receive it?

A QR (“Quick Response”) code is a square-shaped bar code that is machine-readable and provides detailed and individualized information to a reader once scanned. IVCI-generated QR codes will be emailed in mid-January for those who have already purchased tickets or subscriptions. After that time, all QR codes will be emailed within approximately 72 hours following your purchase. If you purchased tickets but haven’t received your code after a few days, contact our offices.

What if I don’t have an email address and/or access to a printer?

If you do not have email or a printer, contact our offices and we will make arrangements for you.

What if I forgot to bring my QR code to the performance?

We will have a record of your purchase, but if you have a cell phone with your email from us, you can show us the QR code from that email, too. Otherwise, our Will Call table will assist you the night of the performance.

Will I receive a printed program when I get to the hall?

No, we will not be issuing printed programs this season. Instead, we will have all programs available online and will send you a link when you purchase your tickets.

Can I purchase a ticket at the door?

Yes, but we strongly advise you to purchase your tickets online in advance to help us limit manual transactions.

How many patrons are you allowing in the theatre?

The number of patrons allowed in the hall will vary based on restrictions in place in Marion County at the time of each performance. The Madam Walker Theatre holds 900, but we will limit concerts to approximately 135 patrons (15% capacity), which will enable proper and safe social distancing. We will reevaluate each concert and make changes based on what restrictions are in place at the time by local and state officials.

How will I be seated when I arrive at the theatre? Can I sit with my family?

Socially-distanced seating will be available on a first-come first-served basis. We strongly encourage patrons to be mindful of others and stay at least 6 feet away from other patrons. If you come with your family, you may sit together. Keep in mind that face mask usage during the performance is required.

How long are the concerts?

Each concert will vary, but you can expect approximately 75 minutes for a program without intermission, or 90 minutes with intermission.

If I purchased a live ticket but now prefer to watch virtually, what do I do?

You will need to contact the offices and we will give you a special link to view the concert. The difference of your ticket can either be donated back to the IVCI, credited to a future concert in the season, or refunded if necessary.

If I attended a live concert but wish to watch it again online, can I purchase a virtual ticket later?

Yes! Contact our offices and once we confirm you purchased a live ticket, you may purchase a $5 virtual ticket. Keep in mind the virtual link will only be available for viewing up to 10 days following the performance.

What happens if we have another shutdown that prohibits this concert from happening?

Even if the government enforces a shutdown of large groups, we will still have the concert, though it will be virtual only. Anyone with a live concert ticket will be given a virtual pass so they can still enjoy the program from home. Only in a rare case will a concert require a complete cancellation.

Will there be a reception or a Meet & Greet event with the artists following the concert?

Unfortunately, we will need to temporarily cancel all post-concert events until the pandemic has subsided.

Virtual Concerts

What is a virtual concert? How does it work?

A virtual concert is one that is performed live on stage, but is filmed and streamed via our website. If you purchase a virtual ticket, you will receive a special link in your email 48 hours prior to the performance. Simply click on that link at the time of the performance, and you can watch the video live from your phone or computer.

What benefits are there to watching virtually?

The main benefit to watching remotely is being able to enjoy the performance on your own time, in the comfort your own home. It is also a great option if you cannot make the live performance, since we will have the recorded concert available on demand for 10 days following the live concert. This is also a great option for travelers or those wishing to watch our programs internationally.

Will there be a ticket for a virtual concert?

There will not be an actual ticket. Within 48 hours prior to the scheduled performance, you will be emailed a special link to our website that will live stream the concert once it has begun.

I haven’t received my link to the virtual performance. What do I do?

If you purchased your virtual ticket but have not yet received the link via email, contact our offices and we will take care of you right away.

How do I access the virtual performance?

Within the email you received from us 48 hours prior to the scheduled performance, you will find a special link to our website. Click on that link at the time of the concert, and click “Play.”

How long after the performance will the recorded video be available?

The performance will be available on the same site for 10 days following the performance.

Will there be a program I can view before, during or following the performance?

Yes! You can access any of the Laureate Series programs online on each individual concert page.

If I purchased a virtual ticket but now would like to attend live, what do I do?

Simply contact our offices and we will take care of you. You will pay the difference of the ticket and then emailed a QR code, which you will bring with you to the theatre to be scanned.

What do I do if I don’t have a cell phone and/or email address?

If you do not have an email address or cell phone, contact our offices when you order your tickets and we will make an arrangement for you.

Will you still have a virtual performance even if Indiana has another mandatory shutdown?

Yes – we will do our absolute best to produce a live performance (even without an audience) so everyone can still enjoy the concerts from home.

Additional Questions

If you have any questions that are not addressed above, please contact our offices. Keep in mind we are all working remotely, so leave a message for Mindy Miller and she will take excellent care of you.

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