How Your Donation Can Help The IVCI

$1,000 can:

  • Help offset costs paid to returning Laureates for the annual Laureate Series concerts
  • Assist with insurance costs for the IVCI’s instrument collection which includes the 1683 ex-Gingold Stradivarius and three contemporary violins used for four years by the Laureates following each Competition

$750 can:

  • Help underwrite Participant travel stipends (for those who demonstrate a need) to attend the next Competition
  • Help offset costs associated with the Carnegie Hall debut for the Gold Medalist’s recital

$500 can:

  • Help provide materials used in teachers’ curriculum packets for the statewide Juried Exhibition of Student Art (JESA) program (last Competition saw more than 26,000 participating students across Indiana)
  • Help offset piano rental and tuning costs associated with the Competition and four years of Laureate Series concerts

$250 can:

  • Enable IVCI to provide complimentary tickets to students and their families to attend annual Laureate Series concerts

$100 can:

  • Provide stipends for Laureates to do outreach programs
  • Help underwrite the prizes given to each Juried Exhibition of Student Art (JESA) Grand Award winner and their respective schools